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EVA_314 - 'Work In Progress'

Sneak peak of my ongoing process into modelling 'EVA314' in her 'Resonance Chamber' for my IP 'Three One Four'.

This is my first attempt at modelling a character, learning the Topology tools. This is just the base suit. Once i complete this, i will be moving onto her Battle Armour. I have a long way to go and i haven't slept for a month getting this far in my spare time. taking a small break whilst i begin some new client commitments...

She shall return...

Daniel pellow eva 314 nano suit render test paint neack rear2
Daniel pellow back 3q 2
Daniel pellow neck 4
Daniel pellow chest 3q 9
Daniel pellow eva 314 progress screenshots
Daniel pellow eva 314 progress thicken base renders